Annya Marttinen is an illustrator & independent business owner. She grew up in many parts of Canada but currently resides in Brantford, Ontario. She received her diploma in graphic design in 2013 but these days she spends most of her time painting and drawing with her 3 rabbit assistants (Oats, Olive and Peaches). Her work is mainly inspired by quiet everyday moments, mythical creatures, children's literature, and her fondness for the cozy comforts of home. She works in both traditional and digital mediums. 

photo of annya marttinen

She has painted her way through life for as long as she can remember, her earliest memory was a rabbit portrait in watercolour. When her pencil isn’t in her hand you might be able to find her with her nose in a book, throwing around ingredients in the kitchen, flowing through a yoga sequence or on a fast-paced walk with an audiobook in her ears.